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Scenes from Dinétah

by Connor Chee

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Album Notes

These twelve piano pieces were inspired by elements of Navajo culture found throughout the Navajo Nation (Dinétah). Each piano piece is preceded by a short introductory passage in Navajo. These passages are accompanied by Native American flute and piano.


The pieces range in character from reverent and meditative ("Cedar") to playful and lighthearted ("Fry Bread"). This album also includes a piece written for two pianos ("Pathways"). On this recording, both piano parts are performed by Chee.

Piano, Flute, Spoken Word: Connor Chee

Music: Connor Chee

Navajo Lyrics: Tex Chee

Translations: Linda Chee and Ora Sue Hansen

Producers: Connor Chee and Mary Beth Crandall

Mixing and Mastering: Connor Chee

Special thanks to: Keith Chee; Tex and Maré Chee; Mike and Pam Crandall; and

Michael Etcitty, Jr.

℗ & © 2020 Wild Saguaro Records, Inc.


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